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Does Exercise Increase Sugar Cravings?

Does Exercise Increase Sugar Cravings?

It feels good to finish a workout, especially a challenging, high-intensity one! Sometimes, we mindlessly treat ourselves to a sugary treat, as our conscious tells us we deserve it after such a challenging sweat session. After all, exercise burns calories! Surely, we need to replace them. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to “overeat” a workout and end up in a calorie surplus.

Why is it so easy to head to the doughnut store after a workout or indulge in the quart of ice cream hiding in the fridge? Some people already have a problem with sugar cravings. They don’t just enjoy sweet stuff, but their body craves it and it’s difficult for them to shut off their desire to bite into something sweet. You might wonder what impact exercise has on sugar cravings. Can exercise worsen sugar cravings or can it actually […] More


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